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I have the honour of owning Ron’s first Hawaiian Steel. He has a knack for coming up with the perfect instrument for each player he builds for – beautiful looks, amazing playability, balanced tone and a unique voice. I stand by this advice: whoever you are, whatever you want in an instrument – order one NOW, while they are still incredibly affordable.

— Paul Court

This beauty (Irish Bouzouki) arrived … so am now seeing and hearing it. It really is lovely in every way. We had it on mic for a few minutes and it’s going to track beautifully. Rich, full, and delicate. I’m very sure there are songs inside it, as well, waiting to come out. I’ll likely also use it on the record that started today. I have it on full display in the studio so all can see. Thanks so much.

— Billy Crockett, Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio

I love this guitar. She is all I could ask for and I am delighted that I was your first customer.

— Jennifer Ives

Having known me and my singing/playing style for several years, Ron was able to design and build a guitar which suits me just right. It’s small in size, but has a clear, big sound which is envied by all my guitar-playing friends.

— Katy Austin

This Ron Belanger guitar gave me the sound and playability I was looking for. It seemed that with it my songs were writing themselves. It sounds fantastic on the recording.

— Mike Latter

What a great instrument. I thought my Gibson Hummingbird was going to be my guitar for life, but this Ron Belanger Guitar changed that. I have not heard any factory-built instrument at any price that has come close.

— Kevin Kelly

Ron Belanger guitars are a delightful surprise every time, combining beautiful and unique appearance with outstanding tone and playability.

— George Coventry

My worries about ordering a custom made guitar were unfounded. The sound and handling of this Ron Belanger guitar are brilliant! One of the better ideas I’ve had in my life.

— Ed Winacott

This Belanger Koa Dreadnaught is superb on stage and in the studio.

— Ryan Lazure

That is one of the best sounding guitar I have ever heard!

— Jim Lowndes

I have immensely enjoyed everything about my Ron Belanger bouzouki. The sound has a warm woody quality and it is a pleasure to play, especially with the 23 inch scale length. The sunburst finish is just beautiful and has drawn lots of admiring comments from folks. I have had the opportunity to perform with it plugged in with the K & K pickup and the sound quality was exquisite. Thanks Ron for building such a beautiful instrument.

— David Broad, Dorchester Ontario

“I’ll never forget that moment at the Marriott in downtown Memphis, when Ron presented me with my brand new bouzouki. I’d never had an instrument built just for me…the way I wanted it to look and feel, the way I wanted it to sound. Ron went above and beyond any expectations I could have possibly set for him and he did it with a kind of grace and class that comes quite honestly. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and is as fine a feller as he is a luthier. And as far as my bouzouki is concerned? It is, quite simply, the finest instrument I have ever owned.”

— Andrew Dale, The Once, St. John’s Newfoundland
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