The Players

...and often the Customer

Today’s market for hand-built custom instruments is larger than ever. When a customer has an instrument tailored specifically to his or her playing style and needs, the musical experience moves to a new level of enjoyment and personal satisfaction.

Many musicians and colleagues have begun to see the value in owning a Ron Belanger Guitar. This section is dedicated to the images and sound of the musicians who have played a Ron Belanger Instrument at many of the festivals Ron Belanger Guitars has a booth at during the festival season – each year more and more musicians visit the booth to see what new and exciting custom instruments we have to offer. Additionally, some of the images and video are of Ron Belanger Guitars customers and friends, who have been gracious enough to allow us to record them sharing their amazing playing talents – on our instruments. We share those moments here, to showcase not only our instruments, but also, The Players.

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